Parks and Gardens in Thuringia

Whether princely grounds, botanical collections, spa parks, landscape gardens or modern city parks - over 2,000 parks and gardens in Thuringia invite you to stroll, linger and enjoy. Those who need to relax after an extensive cultural programme are in good hands in the urban green spaces. Under arbours and on riverbanks, in botanical gardens and castle parks you can wonderfully recharge your batteries. An excursion for the senses!

Our blooming ...

Chinesischer Garten in Weißensee
Gardens and beer – the perfect combination

Discovering happiness in Weissensee

“Two beers and a murder!” I exclaim as we pass a sign that says ‘Weissensee’. “What?” Clara, who is driving our car, brakes sharply. “Well, you know, Weissensee!” I blurt out excitedly.
Sonnenaufgang am Saalestrand in Jena
Leisure and recreation in and around Jena

Welcome to paradise

Lots of green spaces, easy to get around, a vibrant student scene. Plus culture and restaurants in abundance and a surrounding region that’s perfect for cycling and walking. And all set within a mediterranean landscape, dotted with castles and palaces. Welcome to paradise – welcome to Jena.
Schloss und Park Altenstein gehört zu den Juwelen der Thüringer Parklandschaften
Exploring Thuringia’s green spaces

From the baroque to Japan

Thuringia’s parks and gardens could not be more varied, ranging from Far East bonsai culture to the scent of over 450 types of rose and a 160-hectare royal country park. On this voyage of discovery I look at ornamental flower beds, marvel at landscape architecture and enjoy a balmy summer breeze amid flowering vines.
Panorama der Stadtmauer in Mühlhausen
Good things come in threes

Discovering northern Thuringian towns

To see as much as possible in the shortest possible time. Those were my friend Charlotte’s stipulations for our weekend trip. She’s keen on cute towns with a medieval vibe – cobbled streets, half-timbered buildings and enchanting little lanes are very much her thing. They’re totally instagrammable, as she is fond of saying. It just so happens that this fits in really well with the break I had planned anyway: hopping from town to town enjoying a bit of culture along the way. So off we go!
Blick auf Schloss Belvedere aus der Vogelperspektive
Weimar’s green spaces

Garden design on the river Ilm

“Paths are silent guides,” says Andreas Pahl, quoting the great landscape gardener Prince Pückler and points to a romantic, moss-covered stone structure flanked by a curved bridge – a picture-perfect ruin. The spruce trees nearby were by no means coincidental either. Weimar’s green spaces are admirable!
Pavillon im Schlosspark Tiefurt bei Weimar
Schloss und Park Tiefurt

Musenort der Weimarer Hofgesellschaft

Der Plan: Wir verbringen einen Tag im Park von Schloss Tiefurt – picknicken, quatschen und die frische Luft außerhalb der Stadt genießen. Laut Wettervorhersage wolkenloser, blauer Himmel, angenehme Temperatur. Die Realität: Wir kamen im Park an und keine halbe Stunde später goss es aus Eimern.
Goethes Gartenhaus in Weimar
Rose hedges, white asparagus and an outdoor testing ground

Goethe’s passion for gardens

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s love of nature has provided us with a wealth of poems and notes today. What he describes was literally on his doorstep, as he often found inspiration in his gardens and the Park an der Ilm. During the five decades that the poet spent in Weimar, he repeatedly turned to nature, botany and horticulture.
Fast wie im Hochgebirge: Der Rennsteiggarten auf dem Hauptkamm des Thüringer Waldes
The whole world in one garden

Rennsteig Botanical Garden

If you’re expecting nothing but dandelions and daisies, you’re in for a big surprise! For 50 years, mountain plants from almost every mountainous region of the world have been flourishing at the Rennsteig Botanical Gardens on the outskirts of Oberhof because of the special climate there – everything from Caucasian gentians to adonis roses from the Himalayas. Many have already become extinct in the wild and are under strict protection. They have found a safe refuge here in the Thuringian Forest – much to the delight of botanists and visitors.
Thüringer Bergbahn im Schwarzatal
Die Thüringer Bergbahn

Mit der Bahn ins Kräuterland

Im wildromantischen Schwarzatal wartet mit der Thüringer Bergbahn ein echter Schatz auf Freunde historischer Eisenbahnen und Naturliebhaber. Die voll elektrisierte Bahn versieht ihren Dienst seit Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts. Im Sommer kann man sich im offenen Wagen die frische Waldluft um die Nase wehen lassen oder im Olitätenwagen den thematischen Einstieg in das Thüringer Kräuterland finden.