Showcasing Erfurt’s beauty at the Federal Horticultural Show

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Immerse yourself in a sea of blooms. At the egapark and Petersberg Citadel in Erfurt everything is set for BUGA 2021.

Citadel moat:  Sowing the seeds of success

A floral display with a twist! For BUGA 2021, the city’s horticultural heritage is being brought to life in quite a novel way in the moat at Petersberg Citadel – in an exhibition entitled ‘Garden Treasures of Erfurt’. Along with traditional flowering plants, the exhibition showcases the varieties of herbs and vegetables that played an important part in Erfurt’s horticultural history, including fibre crops, medicinal plants, and plants for producing dyes. The combination of giant radishes, broad beans, cabbage and woad forms a colourful carpet of blooms, the equivalent of which you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. A couple of slides running through the exhibition add an element of fun. Garden design at its best! 

Visualisierung des oberen Plateaus des Petersberges mitten in der Erfurter Altstadt

Giant slides amid the Garden Treasures of Erfurt ©BUGA Erfurt 2021 GgmbH, Heuschneider Landschaftsarchitekten

Karl Foerster Garden: In honour of the great perennials expert

The Karl Foerster Garden, dating from 1963, has been beautifully and sensitively renovated for the BUGA. It is dedicated to the perennial plant breeder, poet and garden philosopher who was very influential in the 20th century. It was Foerster’s lifelong ambition to create a garden for ‘intelligent idlers’ – maximum beauty with minimum effort. This garden contains some of his most beautiful cultivated varieties of delphiniums, asters, phlox and heleniums, his grasses and ferns, as well as many modern perennials. There is also an information point with views of the cathedral where you can find out more about the man himself. 

A fresh new look: the Karl Foerster Garden ©BUGA Erfurt 2021 GgmbH


Petersberg Citadel: In full bloom for BUGA 2021

Petersberg Citadel sits in splendour above the rooftops of Erfurt. One of the largest and most beautifully preserved baroque town fortresses in Europe, it is being transformed with a fresh new look for BUGA 2021 – with new paths and fountains, large areas of ornamental flower beds, and gardens showcasing different eras of history. Part of the Romanesque Church of St Peter has also been restored for the occasion, and there will be an exhibition on the most beautiful palace gardens of Thuringia. And all this with magnificent views of Erfurt, the city of flowers, and the surrounding countryside. 

Excellent prospects: Petersberg Citadel will have a new look for BUGA 2021 ©BUGA Erfurt 2021 GgmbH, Heuschneider Landschaftsarchitekten

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