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Discover North Thuringia by motorcycle

Thuringia makes bikers' hearts beat faster! Especially the Südharz Kyffhäuser region offers beautiful scenic routes for motorcyclists. Here's a tip from ADAC travel expert Niklas for a nice day trip over wonderful roads with numerous curves and passing idyllic places.

The round trip starts and ends in Nordhausen. It leads via Hasselfelde and Harzgerode to Sangerhausen. From there it continues to Bad Frankenhausen to the Kyffhäuser monument. The tour then leads via Bendeleben to Sonderhausen Castle and back to the starting point. The route is around 200 kilometers long, and it is worth making a few stops along the way. Four outlying places of the Federal Horticultural Show 2021 are also on the route.  Here are my personal highlights:

Nordhausen with Villa Hohenrode

The historic park Hohenrode in Nordhausen is the first outlying location of the BUGA and worth a visit! Ten hectares of park with a stately villa can be admired there. Carl and his son Fritz Kneiff shaped the park through their passion for collecting rare trees and shrubs.

 ©GECKO.1, Bundesgartenschau Erfurt 2021 gGmbH

Europa-Rosarium in Sangerhausen 

If you love roses, you can't miss the Europa-Rosarium in Sangerhausen. Here you will find the largest collection of roses in the world! Around 100,000 roses grow here, and more than 8,700 species can be admired and smelled on the 13-hectare site. Although Sangerhausen is already in Saxony-Anhalt, it is one of the outlying places of the BUGA and is therefore a must for all visitors to Thuringia.

©GECKO.1, Bundesgartenschau Erfurt 2021 gGmbH

The Leaning Tower of Bad Frankenhausen

It is worth a detour to the historic village of Bad Frankenhausen. The church tower of the Protestant Oberkirche is definitely a popular photo spot - with an overhang of 4.6 meters, this is the most leaning of all German towers! It is even more inclined than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. On the BUGA grounds of the egapark in Erfurt, children can climb a reconstruction of the Leaning Tower of Bad Frankenhausen.

Kyffhäuser Monument

Imposing is the Kaiser Wilhelm National Monument on the Kyffhäuser.  A huge complex over 80 meters high with the equestrian statue of Emperor Wilhelm I and the figure of Barbarossa carved in stone. The monument was erected at the end of the 19th century and is considered one of the largest in Germany. Those who climb the many steps to the viewing platform enjoy a great view all the way to the Harz Mountains. 

©Martin Ludwig

Baroque Village Bendeleben

Another outlying location of the BUGA is in the baroque village of Bendeleben. The village with 600 inhabitants invites to a great walk. The charming houses built in baroque style, the great orangery and the idyllic Bendeleben park with its seven ponds offer perfect places for a little rest.

©ZK Medien, Südharz Kyffhäuser Region

Castle Sondershausen 

The former residential castle of Sondershausen stands impressively above the town. For more than half a millennium, the counts and princes of Schwarzburg have reigned over the town of Sondershausen and have left behind this unique castle complex. Today, the beautiful complex is one of the most important sights of the Kyffhäuser district, and may even be one of the most beautiful castles in Thuringia.

Blue hall inside the castle Sondershausen ©Roland Wehking, Thüringer Tourismus GmbH


Unexpected enjoyment can be found at this outlying place of the BUGA. In a small town in the county of Kyffhäuser hides a park that you would not expect in this size. Worth seeing here is the castle garden from the 17th century! The sloping garden offers a beautiful view of the majestic trees and the ruins of the former castle.

©Tina Hoffmann, Südharz Kyffhäuser Region

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Your ADAC travel expert Niklas Kubitz from the ADAC travel agency in Erfurt.


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