of Thuringia

Unlike other parts of Germany, Thuringia was divided into a number of smaller states right up until 1920. The princes and dukes had magnificent residences built seemingly everywhere in the region, and they still inspire us today as monuments of a bygone era. Pay a visit to these splendid palaces and discover their historical treasures. You can delve into the history of these beautiful old buildings at exhibitions, concerts and festivals, or on a themed guided tour. 

Our favorite places ...

Feines aus der Region im Klausenhof
Quality cuisine in and around Thuringia’s castles and palaces

Fine food with a historical twist

From new interpretations of medieval dishes or fine dining in a palace to top quality whisky and international cuisine with regional ingredients – here are some tips on where to enjoy good food in exclusive settings.
Blick auf Schloss Belvedere aus der Vogelperspektive
Weimar’s green spaces

Garden design on the river Ilm

“Paths are silent guides,” says Andreas Pahl, quoting the great landscape gardener Prince Pückler and points to a romantic, moss-covered stone structure flanked by a curved bridge – a picture-perfect ruin. The spruce trees nearby were by no means coincidental either. Weimar’s green spaces are admirable!
Pavillon im Schlosspark Tiefurt bei Weimar
Tiefurt House and Park

Inspirational setting for the Weimar court

Our plan had been to spend a day in the park of Tiefurt House – picnicking, chatting and enjoying the fresh country air. According to the weather forecast, we were due to have cloudless blue skies and a pleasant temperature. But that’s not quite how things turned out, and within half an hour of our arrival at the park the rain came bucketing down.
Discover North Thuringia by motorcycle

Off to the north

Thuringia makes bikers' hearts beat faster! Especially the Südharz Kyffhäuser region offers beautiful scenic routes for motorcyclists. Here's a tip from ADAC travel expert Niklas for a nice day trip over wonderful roads with numerous curves and passing idyllic places.
Exploring Thuringia’s green spaces

From the baroque to Japan

Thuringia’s parks and gardens could not be more varied, ranging from Far East bonsai culture to the scent of over 450 types of rose and a 160-hectare royal country park. On this voyage of discovery I look at ornamental flower beds, marvel at landscape architecture and enjoy a balmy summer breeze amid flowering vines.
Off to the south

Beach feeling in Thuringia

Such a day at the water feels directly like vacation! Thuringia offers a lot of great excursion destinations. But there's also plenty for hikers and park lovers to discover. Here are the personal highlights of ADAC travel expert Anne.
Out and about with the Thuringia.MyCulture. app

Exploring Thuringia’s palaces

If someone mentions Thuringia, the first things that come to my mind are bratwurst sausages, the Thuringian Forest with the Rennsteig Trail, and tasty Thuringian dumplings – but palaces? Not so much.
Schloss Friedenstein in Gotha
Friedenstein Palace in Gotha

A baroque universe

Was the person who built this actually able to find their way around? Constructed for Duke Ernst I of Saxe-Gotha in just twelve years, starting in 1643, Friedenstein Palace has no fewer than 1,268 windows and 500 rooms. Today it is home to literally millions of exhibits – if you count all the individual items in the insect collection.
Wegweiser auf der SaaleHorizontale
The SaaleHorizontale walking trail

A great walk with great views

The evening sun peeks out from beneath the clouds, bathing Jena in a soft red glow. All of a sudden, the rain of the day is forgotten. A warm gust of wind carries with it the beautiful sound of singing from below: Dutch singer Caro Emerald is giving a concert in the theatre square on this Friday evening in July.
Sommerpalais im Greizer Landschaftspark
A tour of palaces in Greiz

Germany’s smallest principality

Many people make lists of the places they’d like to visit. Often they don’t list countries but rather specific curiosities, extraordinary locations or obscure insider tips – the highest town in Europe, the oldest trees in the world and so on. One day I was indulging in two of my passions, a nice cup of tea and a gripping novel.