Welcome to the 2021 Federal Horticultural Show in Erfurt

Rooted in Thuringia, at home in Erfurt – the Federal Horticultural Show (BUGA) is returning to Erfurt, and to Thuringia, from 23 April to 10 October 2021. egapark and Petersberg Citadel will serve as the main venues for the show, which will feature more than 3,500 events and a total exhibition area of 430,000 square metres. 

Our favourites stories and features on the big horticultural show ...

Brunnenkresse-Ernte in Erfurt
Where watercress is revered

Erfurt’s wonder plant

Surrounded by a sea of green, a man fights to maintain his balance. As calming as the colour might be, harvesting watercress from narrow wooden planks is hard work. For Ralf Fischer, harvest time is a balancing act and, depending on the season, part of his everyday business. When he enters his old watercress beds, he is like an acrobat on the slippery and wobbly planks. And it gets no better once he reaches his destination. Harvesting the plants peeking out of the water requires a sharp knife and plenty of practice as he inches along the planks on his knees. He leans over this green superfood for minutes on end filling up his small basket.
From rainforest to desert

The new highlight Danakil

Danakil is undoubtedly one of the most eagerly anticipated highlights of the 2021 Federal Horticultural Show (BUGA) in Erfurt. This desert and jungle complex presents two extreme environments in which everything revolves around a single element – water.
Five culinary tips for Erfurt

Feasting break during city trip

Admiring impressive architecture, discovering remnants of the Middle Ages, marveling at crafts on the Krämerbrücke: a stroll through Erfurt makes you hungry. ADAC travel expert Heidi has a few tips for the big and small hunger, sweet or hearty.
More BUGA highlights

Showcasing Erfurt’s beauty at the Federal Horticultural Show

Immerse yourself in a sea of blooms. At the egapark and Petersberg Citadel in Erfurt everything is set for BUGA 2021.
Blühendes Beet im Egapark Erfurt
Exploring the city with Thuringia.MyCulture.

A horticultural tour of Erfurt

Erfurt, the Thuringian state capital, is famous for its centuries-old horticultural tradition, first established in the 1800s by Christian Reichart, the Thuringian who raised plant cultivation in Germany to a professional level. Later there were major Erfurt horticultural dynasties such as Blumenschmidt, Haage and Chrestensen, and specific Thuringian plant and flower varieties. Erfurt’s success as a centre of gardening and growing has left its mark in many places. Although I have been here for more than ten years, I still have plenty to learn about the city I call home, as is so often the case. So with the help of the Thuringia.MyCulture. digital travel guide I’m embarking on a tour of discovery of ‘Erfurt – city of flowers’.


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