Summer in bloom

Flowers, parks and gardens in Thuringia

Imagine balmy summer evenings, gardens bursting with colour and fragrance and the air filled with music. Or strolling through regal parks, passing glorious flower displays and enjoying nothing but the sounds of nature. Verdant oases where you can relax and unwind or simply revel in the beauty of it all. With countless parks and gardens, and the Federal Horticultural Show, there is so much to enjoy in Thuringia in 2021. Pay us a visit and see for yourself! 

Here is something going on ...

Information on the coronavirus pandemic

All current information about the coronavirus situation in Thuringia can be found on the pages of the federal tourism guide from the Competence Center Tourism. A new Thuringian state ordinance has been in effect since 02.06.2021. It allows many district-free cities and districts to take far-reaching local opening steps from a 7-day incidence of under 100. Should a region exceed this limit, the federal emergency brake still applies. Due to the daily changing local situations, please check with your host or your excursion destination for openings and, if applicable, restrictions before starting your journey. We cannot accept any responsibility for the topicality and completeness of the information on the linked pages.

Perspectives for tourism openings in Thuringia

After months of closures, Thuringia's tour operators and restaurateurs are now also looking forward to relaxations. In more and more cities, the 7-day incidence is stable below 100, clearing the way for Thuringia's Corona Ordinance. Falling incidences mean possible openings of outdoor restaurants, campsites, vacation homes and apartments as well as outdoor areas of museums, memorials, castles and other sights.